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Time goes so quickly and now after 1 year the kittens are adults. They have fine homes and have been in the show as kitten and adult classes. All 3 kittens has been BIS , result in Best in Show.
Only Tiffanie has been at show two times. She is a neuter.

Rikke has been neured after the litter .She is 5 years old now and one litter is more than enough.

KITTENS BORN 29th of MARCH . 1 boy and 3 girls. 3 white and 1 red with white (female)


5.12.2016 We hope that we have NFO kittens next year.

4.12.2016 Hazels daughter has been under year 2016 many shows and been Best in Show female and has titel Baltic Winner. She is a beautiful female.

Hazel son Sulo , from same litter as LIly is a hansome male . He has very good body lenght and very nice head and profile and beautiful eyes.

Time has gone and we have been many shows under last years.

In the house no kittens but a new cat has moved in to our house. She is from Norwey and from the same cattery as Rikke Her name is Migoto´s Embla . Back tortie with white. She has been at the shows many time and she is now International Champion.

She is a female of full off life.

Now 18.3.2015 Hazels babies are moved to their new homes.
I am happy Lily and Sulo have so super nice families both.

15.3.2015 SC N*Migoto´s Rikke DVM was Best in Show female + Best in Category and BOB 4

14.3.2015 SC N*Migoto´s Rikke DVM was in Rika Latvia Best in Show female.

SC N*Migoto´s Rikke JW has now title DVM

Meille syntyi 2 pentua 14.12.2014Ragdollia, vanhemmat
IC N*Diadem´s Hazel Harmonie RAG a 03 ja isä Neige-Cristal´s Mon Tresor Florian RAG n 04.

Kittens are born on 14 on December
Parents female N*Diadem´s Hazel Harmonie
RAG a 03
Male Neighe-Cristal´s Mon Tresor Florian
Rag n 04

Show in Tallinn 3-4.5.2014 Rikke was BIV, Nominated and Best in Show female both days with all votes.

Show Turku 5-6 April Rikke had her Cagcib, BIV NOM. on Sunday Cagcib, BIV , NOM and Best in Show female.

IC N*Migoto´s Rikke JW had in Kokkola Show 15 of March 2014 Cagcib , BIS Best in Show female.

CH N*Migoto´s Rikke JW in Riga on the 8 and 9 March 2014 Cacib, Nomaination to Best in Show.

Meillä on 4 pentua syntynyt 8.2.2014
3 poikaa ja 1 tyttö.

WE HAVE KITTENS; BORN on the 8 February. 3 boys and 1 girls.

25-26.1.2014 SUROK show CH.N*Migoto´s Rikke had CACIB and was NOM to Best in Show on both days.

2.1.2014 Darlinlildolls Melania odottaa pentuja helmikuun alussa.

Darlinlildolls Melania is vaiting kittens in February

24.11.2013 Turun näyttelyssä Migotos Rikke JW oli EX1,CAC, BIV ja NOM paneliin.

24.11.2013 Migotos Rikke JW on the 24 November EX1, CAC, BIV and NOM to the Best in Show.

Migoto´s Rikke JW on the 9th of November in ERY-SYD show , show results EX1,CAC . What a big surprise for many persons.

Migoto´s Rikke JW on the 13th October in URK show , her 1 time as adult class 9 , results EX 1, CAC, BIV,Nomination and Best in Show female.

Pascal first time in the competition URK cl 3-6 . Results EX 1 and nomination to Best in Show. He has super temper. He behaved very well and correct.

Jade has moved to my sons house as a familymember.

Garcon has moved to Tampere . His new family is very fine and I thank Marja and the family for taking care of him so full of love and care.

Rikkes showresults

NW SW SC (N)Migoto´s Rikke JW DVM DSM


  Date  Clubb Place Result Judges
1. 23.2.2013 FELIX      Tallinna Eesti
EX1,BIV,NOM,BIS-kitten, Best of Best II
Elena Zagorskaja

2. 24.2.2013      FELIX      Tallinna Eesti EX1,BIV, NOM,BIS-kitten
Yan Roca Folch

3.  9.3.2013      CFCA Riika Latvia EX1, BIV, NOM, BIS-kitten, Best of Best III
Boris B.Lupan

4. 10.3.2013 CFCA Riika Latvia EX1, BIV,NOM, BIS-kitten
Arina Kozyr

5. 23.3.2013 TUROK      Turku
Alekssandro Ghibaudo

6. 24.3.2013 TUROK      Turku
EX1, BIV,NOM,BIS-kitten
Ulrika Olsson

7. 13.4.2013 ISROK Kuopio Suomi EX1,BIV,NOM,BIS-kitten
Marc Grastucci

8. 14.4.2013 ISROK Kuopio Suomi EX1, BIV,NOM,BIS-kitten
Martin Sanda

9.    26.5.2013       PIROK        Tampere  EX1
                                           Suomi    BIV,NOM,BIS-     AN
                                                          Aase Nissen
10.  29.6.2013       FELIX     Tallinn       EX1,BIV;NOM     HH
                                                          Henry Hornell

11.  30.6.2013       FELIX      Tallinn       EX1                   SJ
                                                          Steven Jones

12.  27.7.2013       SUROK   Helsinki      EX 1                         A DK
                                                            Aleksandro Di KIO

13   28.7.2013       SUROK   Helsinki      EX1,BIV,NOM              RS
                                                            Raymond Sattre

14   13.10.2013     URK      Kirkkonummi EX1, BIV, CAC,NOM,   MK
Minna Krog

15    9.11.2013    ERY-SYD  Kouvola       EX1, CAC                    AP
                                                             Anne Paloluoma

16    24.11.2013   TUROK     Turku          EX1,CAC,BIV,NOM        MK
                                                             Magdalena Kudra

17    25.1.2014     SUROK    Lahti           EX1,CACIB NOM
                                                            Cristin Lutken             CL

18    26.1.2014     SUROK    Lahti           EX1,CACIB,NOM
                                                            Mirian Klein Gasbarri   MKG

19     08.3.2014     Rebuss    Riga           EX1,CACIB,NOM
                                                             Luis Coiste               LC

20     09.3.2014     Rebuss    Riga           EX1,Cagcib, NOM
                                                            L Comorio                  LC

21     15.3.2014     POHKIS   Kokkola     EX1,Cagcib,NOM
                                                           BIS-Female               BE
                                                            Bevelin Elian

22    05.4.2014     TUROK   Turku      EX1,Cagcib, BIV, NOM
                                                          Lena Björkander         LB

23     06.4.2014     TUROK    Turku       EX1,Cagcib,BIV,NOM
                                                          Irek Pruchniak    IP      

24      03.05.2014   FELIX     Tallinn       EX1,Cagcib,BIV,NOM,
                                                          Alexey Shcsukin           AS

25       04.05.2014  FELIX     Tallinn       EX1,Cagcib,BIV,NOM
                                                          Vera Vasilieva               VV

26       10.5.2014   PIROK   Tampere     EX1,BIV,NOM, CACS,BIS-female
                                                           Vera Vasieleva              VV

27       11.5.2014   PIROK    Ta4 mpere   EX1,TP-NOM  CACS,BIS-Female
                                                         Elena Zagorskaya           ES                                                                                                     
28       24.5.2014   ERY-SYD Hyvinkää  EX1, CACS NOM           Lee S
                                                          Lee Selasse

29      25.5.2014   ERY-SYD Hyvinkää  EX1,CACS                   JEM
                                                          Jette Eva Madsen

30      14.6.2014  KES-KIS  Jämsä       EX1,CACS                     IEM
                                                          Irene Ek Magnusson

31      11.10.2014  URK Masala            EX1,CACS                     KGH
                                                         Klein Gasbarri Hana

32      12.10.2014  URK Masala            EX1,CACS,                    KP
                                                          Karl Preiss

33      25,10,2014 WS Prag                  EX1, CACS                    DM
                                                          Donatella Mastrangelo

34      15.11.2014 Tallinn Estland          EX1,CACS,BIV, NOM      PK
                                                         Olga Komissarova

35       16,11,2014 Tallinn Estland        KM                                LB
                                                        Laura Burani

36        23.11.2014 Turku                   KM BIV NOM                 CFS            
                                                       Christiano F Sandon

37        14.12.2014 Hartola                 KM TPNOM                   EZ
                                                       Elena Zagorskaya

38         7.3.2015 Masala                   KM BIV                         SJ
                                                        Steven Jones

39         8.3.2015 Masala                   TP NOM                       MK                                                       M.Koskenkangas

40        14.3.2015 Riga                     KM BIS Female            AS
                                                      A Schukin

41         15.3.2015 Riga                    KM BIS Female BOB 4 WI
                                                      Wladimir ISakov 

42         2.5.2015 Tallinn                   KM BIS Female BOB 2  GS
                                                      Glen Sjöblom

43         3.5.2015 Tallinn                   KM BIS female               SL
                                                      Sirpa Lindelöv   

44         9.5.2015 Tampere               KM BIV                           LB
                                                     Lena Björkander

45        10.5 2015 Tampere              KM BIV NOM                 FC
                                                     Flavia Capra

46         24.5.2015 Hyvinkää            KM NOM                       LS
                                                     Linda Svinksa

47         25.7.2015 Hämeenlinna      KM                               BW
                                                    Bjarne Wikström

48         26.7.2015 Hämeenlinna      KM                               GS
                                                    Glen Sjöblom

49         23.1.2016 Lahti                 KM BIV                        OK
                                                    Olga komissarova

50         24.1.2015 Lahti                 KM BIV NOM                DF

51         16.4.2016 Helsinki            KM BIV NOM BIS fem.   LB
                                                   Scandinavian Winner
                                                   Lena Björkander

52        23.4.2016 Turku                KM NOM BIS female      MK
                                                   Marjatta koskenkangas 

53         24.4.2016 Turku               KM NOM BIS female        KR
                                                   Kristiina Rautio  

54         21.5.2016 Tampere           KM                                  JM
                                                   Jedrzejowski Mareusz

55         22.5.2016 Tampere           KM BIS NOM                    GRJ
                                                   Gonzalez-Redondo J

56        11-12.6.2016 Riga             KM                                    BL
                                                   Boris Lupan

57        2.7.2016 Kempele             KM BIV NOM                    AP
                                                   Annelie Persson

58        3.7.2016 Kempele             KM BIV NOM                   FB
                                                   Fabio Branbilla

59       23.7.2016 Helsinki             KM BIV NOM                   MK
                                                  Mario Koot

60       24.7.2016 Helsinki             KM BIV NOM BIS female CS
                                                  Caroline Stoe

61       15.10.2016 Helsinki           KM BIV NOM BIS female  BW
                                                  Bjarne Wikström

62       16.10.2016 Helsinki           KM BIV NOM BIS female VRK
                                                  Van Roy Kristof

63        26.11.2016 TURKU           KM BIV BOM BIS female   JF
                                                  Jörgen Frithof

64        27.11.2016 Turku              KM BIV NOM BIS female     JG
                                                  Jurgita Gustaitiene        



8 Shows and 8 BIS kitten in the class 12. Two times the club has had Best of best competition and Rikke has been number 2nd and 3rd.

9 Shows and 9th BIS junior in the class 11.

Many shows Rikke has been BEST IN SHOW FEMALE . She has now titel Scandinavian Winner, Suprime Champion, Junior Winner, DVM, DSM .

RIKKE voitti vuoden 2016 10 BIS tulosta ja hänestä tuli vuoden 2016 paras kategorian 2 naaras ja hän voitti myös urokset joten Rikke sai tittelin   NATIONAL WINNER

Rikke was year 2016 Best adult in category 2 and she has now the titel