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Time goes so quickly and now after 1 year the kittens are adults. They have fine homes and have been in the show as kitten and adult classes. All 3 kittens has been BIS , result in Best in Show.
Only Tiffanie has been at show two times. She is a neuter.

Rikke has been neured after the litter .She is 5 years old now and one litter is more than enough.

KITTENS BORN 29th of MARCH . 1 boy and 3 girls. 3 white and 1 red with white (female)


5.12.2016 We hope that we have NFO kittens next year.

4.12.2016 Hazels daughter has been under year 2016 many shows and been Best in Show female and has titel Baltic Winner. She is a beautiful female.

Hazel son Sulo , from same litter as LIly is a hansome male . He has very good body lenght and very nice head and profile and beautiful eyes.

Time has gone and we have been many shows under last years.

In the house no kittens but a new cat has moved in to our house. She is from Norwey and from the same cattery as Rikke Her name is Migoto´s Embla . Back tortie with white. She has been at the shows many time and she is now International Champion.

She is a female of full off life.

Now 18.3.2015 Hazels babies are moved to their new homes.
I am happy Lily and Sulo have so super nice families both.

15.3.2015 SC N*Migoto´s Rikke DVM was Best in Show female + Best in Category and BOB 4

14.3.2015 SC N*Migoto´s Rikke DVM was in Rika Latvia Best in Show female.

SC N*Migoto´s Rikke JW has now title DVM

Meille syntyi 2 pentua 14.12.2014Ragdollia, vanhemmat
IC N*Diadem´s Hazel Harmonie RAG a 03 ja isä Neige-Cristal´s Mon Tresor Florian RAG n 04.

Kittens are born on 14 on December
Parents female N*Diadem´s Hazel Harmonie
RAG a 03
Male Neighe-Cristal´s Mon Tresor Florian
Rag n 04

Show in Tallinn 3-4.5.2014 Rikke was BIV, Nominated and Best in Show female both days with all votes.

Show Turku 5-6 April Rikke had her Cagcib, BIV NOM. on Sunday Cagcib, BIV , NOM and Best in Show female.

IC N*Migoto´s Rikke JW had in Kokkola Show 15 of March 2014 Cagcib , BIS Best in Show female.

CH N*Migoto´s Rikke JW in Riga on the 8 and 9 March 2014 Cacib, Nomaination to Best in Show.

Meillä on 4 pentua syntynyt 8.2.2014
3 poikaa ja 1 tyttö.

WE HAVE KITTENS; BORN on the 8 February. 3 boys and 1 girls.

25-26.1.2014 SUROK show CH.N*Migoto´s Rikke had CACIB and was NOM to Best in Show on both days.

2.1.2014 Darlinlildolls Melania odottaa pentuja helmikuun alussa.

Darlinlildolls Melania is vaiting kittens in February

24.11.2013 Turun näyttelyssä Migotos Rikke JW oli EX1,CAC, BIV ja NOM paneliin.

24.11.2013 Migotos Rikke JW on the 24 November EX1, CAC, BIV and NOM to the Best in Show.

Migoto´s Rikke JW on the 9th of November in ERY-SYD show , show results EX1,CAC . What a big surprise for many persons.

Migoto´s Rikke JW on the 13th October in URK show , her 1 time as adult class 9 , results EX 1, CAC, BIV,Nomination and Best in Show female.

Pascal first time in the competition URK cl 3-6 . Results EX 1 and nomination to Best in Show. He has super temper. He behaved very well and correct.

Jade has moved to my sons house as a familymember.

Garcon has moved to Tampere . His new family is very fine and I thank Marja and the family for taking care of him so full of love and care.

Hazels showresults



Date Class Result Judge City Clubb Land

5.6.2010 12 EX1,BIV,NOM,BIS Beverly Elian Hyvinkää ERY-SYD FI
6.6.2010 12 EX1,BIV,NOM,BIS Charles Spijker Hyvinkää ERY-SYD FI
10.7.2010 11 EX1,BIV,NOM,BIS Chaerles Spijker Vantaa URK FI
11.7.2010 11 EX1,BIV,NOM, Stephe Bruin Vantaa URK FI
31.7.2010 11 EX1,BIV Alessandro Di Chio Praha SCHK TZ
1.8.2010 11 EX1,BIV,NOM,BIS Bette Lind Praha SCHK TZ
4.9.2010 11 EX1,BIV,NOM Irek Pruchniak Tampere PIROK FI
5.9.2010 11 EX1,BIV,NOM,BIS Fabio Brambilla Tampere PIROK FI

Junior Winner

11.9.2010 11 EX1,BIV Regina Zakaitiene Riga CFCA LT
12.9.2010 11 EX1,BIV,NOM Lone Lund Riga CFCA LT
9.10.2010 11 EX1,BIV,NOM Anne Paloluoma Helsinki ERY-SYD FI
10.10.2010 11 EX1,BIV,NOM Bjarne Vikström Helsinki ERY-SYD FI
31.10.2010 11 EX1 J.Monney Pillonel ST Etienne WW FR
13.11.2010 9 CAC,BIV,NOM,BIS Ireneusz Pruchniak Tallinn Felix  EST
14.11.2010 9 CAC,BIV,NOM,BIS Aase Nissen Tallinn Felix  EST
27.11.2010 9 CAC,BIV,NOM,BIS Elena Zagorskaya Turku TUROK FI
28.11.2010 7 CACIB,BIV,NOM Marina Vinkel Turku TUROK FI
4.12.2010 7 CACIB,BIV,NOM,BIS Alessandro Di Chio Riga CFCA LT
5.12.2010 7 CACIB,BIV,NOM,BIS Sebastian Pruchniak Riga CFCA LT

19 shows
10 BIS

18 BIV

16 NOM



29.1.2011 5 CAGCIB,BIV;NOM;BIS Aleksander Plats Lahti SUROK FI
30.1.2011 5 CAGCIB,BIV:NOM Anne-Bro Edström Lahti SUROK FI

21 shows
11 BIS

20 BIV

18 NOM